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Encore Deluxe Manual Vacuum Erection Device Review

October 6th, 2009

Is Encore Deluxe Manual Vacuum Erection Device a Scam?

No complaints are found on consumer complaints websites, and no complaints are found in various web forums.

How Does the “Encore Deluxe Manual Vacuum Erection Device” Work?

This vacuum erection device, when applied to your penis, will draw blood into your penis via the suction force to achieve an erection.  A constriction band (included) can then be fitted onto the base of your penis shaft to maintain the erection for up to 30 minutes (since you are effectively cutting off blood flow to your penis, doing so for longer than 30 minutes will cause harm to your penis).


-Vacuum Erection Devices are paid for by Medicare and most health insurance companies.  (These devices are also referred to as suction pumps, penis pumps or ED pumps.)

-Effective for 90% of men with ED.

-With this manual version, you can exert better control on the suction rate than with the battery-operated version of this device.

-Comes with a safety release valve for added safety.


-If not used carefully, the pump can cause bruising of the penis.

-Also, if the contriction band is left on for too long, the penis can become cold and numb due to the lack of oxygen from fresh blood flow to the penis.

Side Effects of this Vacuum Erection Device:

Please see “cons” section above.  You are advised to consult your personal physician before using this product.

Customer Feedback / Comments:

“The “Encore Deluxe Vacuum Erection Device” has worked every time and cost less than six (6) Viagra tablets.  The device is very quick and easy to use. Using this device means I am no longer frustrated by not maintaining an erection and my wife has commented that my erection is as firm as when we first married. Obviously, she is pleased and that in itself is worth the cost of the device.”  — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

“Got my (our) device this afternoon and for the first time in years had an erection worth calling one, Twice!! Very simple instructions, great illustrative video. My wife’s smile is as big as mine tonight. Look forward to lots of happy times. Highly recommend this product.”  — Actual Consumer Comments from Amazon[dot]com

“The pump was difficult to use at first and takes a lot of practice before you can get a sufficient erection for sex. Six months later and  I get good results, my wife is happy too because my erections are bigger using the pump. Of coarse the spontaneity is missing without being able to have sex without using the pump. Overall, I’m glad it can still have sex, even if it’s not exactly like it was before the ED.”  — Actual Consumer Comments from HealthCentral[dot]com

Merchant / Manufacturer:

Encore Inc., sold through ActiveForever (A Division of Independent Living Products) at ActiveForever[dot]com


None Noted

Customer Support:

Phone, Fax, Postal Mail

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